NHW Message – Police Officer phone scam

We have received reports of a criminal claiming to be a police officer in order to gain personal details from residents. The criminal claims a fraudulent transaction has happened on the residents bank account and asks for their personal details. In some cases the resident has been asked to go to their bank to withdraw […]


Kent has earned a hard-won reputation for tough and effective biosecurity to protect plant, animal and human health. Avian influenza (or bird flu) has recently been confirmed in wild birds in Dorset and Warwickshire, with an ‘avian influenza prevention zone’ now declared covering England. It is vital that we all remain vigilant and report any […]

School Admissions Appeal Volunteers

KCC is currently recruiting for new volunteer panel members for their school admission appeals. The deadline for applications is 28 February 2018. Further details can be found at http://www.kent.gov.uk/leisure-and-community/volunteering/children-and-young-people-volunteering/volunteer-as-an-education-appeal-panel-member Click or Paste the above link into your favoured browser for more information

Message from Kent Trading Standards

We are warning Kent residents to beware of doorstep criminals. Following storm Eleanor criminals are attempting to convince people into unnecessary or overpriced work. Doorstep criminals may claim your roof tiles are loose, your chimney stack is dangerous or trees need to be felled due to damage. Accepting work from a doorstep criminal can result […]